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As a market leader for LCVs in Europe for around 20 years, with a strong presence in South America and Africa, we have decided to move up a gear. We aim to make our brand a leading player worldwide with the show-truck* Renault ALASKAN.
Renault ALASKAN Concept Car On A Hill
With the South American Renault Duster OROCH pick-up - launched in June 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina - and Renault ALASKAN Concept - a racy show truck*, just announced, with ambitions to be a global vehicle - Renault has made a remarkable and notable entry into the pick-up segment.
Renault Concept Car Range
Discover a global expert brand committed to serving LCV customers and users. In addition to providing tailor-made products and services, Renault Pro+ will deliver a rewarding experience at every step of the journey for business-user customers, from advertising to aftersales service. The Renault Pro+ expert brand embodies Renault’s customer promise and forms an integral part of its plans to become a top global LCV market player.
" We are now ready to implement our global growth plan to satisfy the ambitions of professional and individual customers with an enhanced product range, a new services offer, and a renewed customer experience on the global LCV market ."

Ashwani Gupta - Global Head of Light Commercial Vehicle Business Unit
Renault ALASKAN Concept A robust, athletic, modern design
Classy and sturdy, ALASKAN Concept reconciles our brand identity with the conventional aesthetics of the pick-up market. Fall for its seductive design.
Renault ALASKAN Concept Car Dimensions
With its impressive dimensions, Renault ALASKAN Concept exudes strength and presence. Muscular and sculpted sides, emphatic wheel arches, distinctive 21 inch alloy wheel rims ... We've been thinking big in order to place Renault ALASKAN Concept in a world of refinement, robustness and technicity.
Renault ALASKAN Concept Car Design
A muscular logo, imposing bonnet, metallic tint with satin touches, brushed or polished, touches of blue and yellow on the door mirrors, brake callipers, centre of alloy wheel rims and front towing hook, C-shape 'boomerang' headlights, Full LED lighting signature... Renault ALASKAN Concept asserts its modernity.
" In terms of style, Renault ALASKAN Concept meets all of the standards for the pick-up segment: It has imposing dimensions and gives an impression of power and robustness. And we have added a Renault touch, with the elegant front bonnet especially."

Laurens Van Den Acker – Design director     

Renault ALASKAN Concept

Leisure vehicle, professional vehicle and everyday vehicle

We have designed Renault ALASKAN Concept to meet the requirements of your three worlds: work, leisure and daily life. Get ready to enjoy life in three dimensions!
Renault ALASKAN Concept Car Loading Space
Renault ALASKAN cis fitted with a high resistance chassis for perfect road holding. With its generous ground clearance, it offers true driving comfort. The cargo capacity of over one tonne is combined with an impressive loading space, in both length and depth.
Renault ALASKAN Concept
Perfect for road trips, adventure and sport, Renault ALASKAN Concept provides a loading space with a bedliner and bedcover, ideal for transporting mountain bikes, tents, surfboards and camping equipment. Enjoy optimal comfort on board. Its high-quality technological equipment offers great connectivity. Cameras incorporated into each wing mirror film the outside view, letting you relive the adventure.
Renault ALASKAN Concept Pick-up Truck
Alaskan Concept is a respected vehicle that knows how to adapt to your daily life, with imposing 21 inch wheel rims, a modern urban style that is causing a sensation in the world of pick-ups and excellent interior space. The sporty and intense curves incorporate large LED Pure Vision rear lights in brushed and polished aluminum, circled by C-shape indicators that define the lighting signature.

Focus on Paul's life

Thanks to his Alaskan Concept, Paul's work and life go hand in hand with maximum efficiency

Alaskan Concept is synonymous with connected adventure. As a photojournalist for several international magazines, Paul transports his professional Hasselblad equipment in his vehicle. His work can take him to all sorts of environments, whether on ice or in the desert.
Thanks to Renault ALASKAN Concept, Paul can also enjoy his free time with friends and family
Renault ALASKAN Concept is your ideal companion for transporting all of the family's leisure equipment. And when the time comes to meet up with friends, all Paul needs to do is quickly dust the bonnet and he is ready to park his impressive vehicle with pride.
Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad© and Renault ALASKAN Concept
To make the most of the Renault ALASKAN Concept's versatility, we established a design partnership with Hasselblad©. This Swedish camera manufacturer is famous for having supplied the equipment for the Apollo mission that saw man take his first steps on the moon.
Soon at your Renault dealer A one-tonne pick-up similar to this show truck!

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* show truck: business concept-car