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CAPTUR Concept

Discover the automotive standards of tomorrow. The Renault CAPTUR concept car invites you into a world of comfort and conviviality, where pleasure and sensations are combined through innovative services.    
Renault CAPTUR Concept In the starting blocks
Get ready for performance. CAPTUR concept car takes its inspiration from the world of outdoor sports. The human-like, sculpted profile resembles a sprinter about to race.
Renault CAPTUR Muscular Design
With imposing curves and dimensions, Renault CAPTUR concept expresses its assertive and propulsive profile, embodied with lightness and power at the same time. The smooth, fluid and sensual outline, with no sharp corners or angles, is sculpted and highlighted by effects of the light, which in turn are emphasized by the matt and satin dual texture of the bodywork. This finish offers an interwoven double skin that highlights the muscular curves.    
Renault CAPTUR Concept Car Sketch Front View
From the very foundation of its design, Renault CAPTUR concept is in a world of its own. The sources of inspiration for our designers are clear for all to see: the world of outdoor sports, athletes in the starting blocks, ready to race... the technical finish and equipment liberate and protect the body to allow it to perform to the full.    

Renault CAPTUR Concept

Functional and fun

As a compact and flexible crossover vehicle, we designed Renault CAPTUR Concept to meet the demands of young urban couples. The innovative and ergonomic interior energises the senses.    
Renault CAPTUR Concept Interior
An invitation to venture off the beaten track, Renault CAPTUR Concept seduces you with its streamlined cabin, inspired by the world of sport. The tense and fluid curves incorporate electroluminescent cables and call to mind a flexed muscle.

To enhance the athletic allure, we have fitted all comfort zones with technofibre elastic cables to suggest a world of relaxation, and a nod towards the hammock, and the world of outdoor sports such as mountain climbing and recreational boating.
Renault CAPTUR Concept Car Boot Space And Design
The interior of Renault CAPTUR Concept completely redesigns the SUV and crossover class. We have reinterpreted it by introducing lightness and enjoyment, as well as an innovative approach to flexibility, to make it a functional vehicle.

Off to the beach? Stow away your funboards using the crossed elastic straps at the rear or take off with a couple of friends. Their purpose is not predetermined. It's up to you to use them as you wish.

Renault CAPTUR Concept

Packed with innovation

Thanks to the research and development work carried out by our engineers, Renault CAPTUR Concept defines the automotive innovations of tomorrow.                
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Renault CAPTUR Concept has given birth to... Renault CAPTUR
Renault CAPTUR Concept has given birth to... Renault CAPTUR
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