Charging your Renault Z.E. is easy!

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Charging your electric vehicle's battery is just like filling a tank with petrol or diesel. The difference is that you can do it at home. And you can set off each morning with a full battery!
Public charging

Locate your charge points

Easily locate charge points for your electric vehicle. With Dubai Electricity and Water (DEWA) map and application, you can see where the EV Green Chargers are located in Dubai. Simply register to the new DEWA Green Charger Card and charge your Renault ZOE easily on over the 100 charging points available.
Where can you charge your electric vehicle? Discover the public charging solutions
Autolib' stations, shopping centre car parks, Renault dealerships... you'll have no problem finding somewhere to charge.
Renault Z.E. - EV Green Charger (DEWA)
Want to find a parking space with a charge point? It's child's play thanks to Z.E.'s new ally: DEWA Smart app. Find somewhere to park while topping up your battery using one of the 100 charge points available in Dubai. An easy, inexpensive solution... perfect.
Renault Z.E - Shopping centre car park charging
Use the terminals provided for the customers of many retailers. Marina Mall, JBR, EMAAR Boulevard, DEWA Offices, Jumeirah beach Hotel and many more so that you can charge your electric vehicle while you do your shopping.
Renault Z.E. - Quick charging in a Renault dealership

Charge your battery in our Renault network. Use the quick charge mode to get up to 80% battery charge in 1 hour*.

* See terms and conditions on site.

Home charging

Charge your electric vehicle at home

Want to charge your Renault Z.E. at home? It couldn't be easier! Just plug your electric vehicle into a special, dedicated socket. Fitted by a qualified professional, it gives you a full charge in around 2 to 4 hours.
The Wallbox

Do you want to be able to charge your electric vehicle quickly? We recommend the 7 kW Wallbox*. When your Renault Z.E. is plugged in using the mode 3 cable that comes with your vehicle, you get a full charge in around 4 hours. Outdoor installation is possible with the sealed version.

* The Wallbox home charge point must be fitted by an approved professional.
Who should you contact for a 100% safe, compliant installation? Installation of your charge point
Because dedicated equipment needs to be installed for charging an electric vehicle at home, we have put together a range of products and service providers that meet the 'Z.E. ready' standards. This way, we can guarantee compliant and safe charging of your electric vehicle. Discover the turnkey offers from our approved partners.
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