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We can offer custom conversions for your commercial vehicle.
Our dedicated offering Tradesmen and retailers
Do you want to adapt your commercial vehicle to make it more comfortable, user-friendly and better suited to your daily business? Our Renault TECH specialists work in our factories to meet your requirements. They carry out the conversions you require, in line with your specifications, with no extra wait and compliant with Renault quality standards.
Available on Renault KANGOO, Renault TRAFIC and Renault MASTER, the tradesmen and retailers offering includes: electric signalling equipment, towing devices, screen printing, additional electronic equipment, underbody protection, ventilation systems, roof/loading equipment, safety features, cargo area fittings, interior protections, lifting assistance, all with the same manufacturer guarantees as a standard vehicle!

Our equipment

Protection and safety

Select the equipment you need for your business. Our Renault TECH specialists carry out the necessary modifications to ensure the safety and protection of your vehicle or fleet.
The alarm option secures your vehicle and its cargo area. Available immediately at the time of purchase, this option automatically activates the alarm when you lock your vehicle. It is perfectly suited for professional use by : builders, tradesmen and so on.
Use the towbar to transport and tow goods without altering the base vehicle when it is fitted. Available at the time of purchase, this is the ideal accessory for frequent, professional goods transport. Ideal for the construction industry, the assembly includes the towbar and its hook and can be used to tow up to 1,350 Kg.
Roof bars
Load everything you need with the roof bar option. The bars are sold in packs of four and are available from the time of vehicle purchase. They are ideal for the construction industry. Perfectly suited to professional use, the roof bars make light work of loading and help you optimise your trips out every day.
Reversing camera
The reversing camera can be fitted at the time of purchase. It is used to view obstacles to simplify and secure your manoeuvres. The image is displayed on a screen in your sun visor via a camera fitted to the rear of the vehicle so obstacles placed out of your line of vision are no longer a problem. 
The ladder option, fitted to the vehicle’s rear swing door, makes it easier to get up on the roof and fasten the goods transported on your roof bars or roof rack.
LED lighting
Available on Renault TRAFIC Panel Van L1, L2 and H1, H2, LED lighting is ideal in your cargo area and comes on as soon as you open the vehicle doors. It makes for more comfortable loading and unloading.
Roof rack
With or without a walkway, the roof rack is an easy way to increase your vehicle’s loading capacity. Ideal for regular, professional use, the roof rack is available at the time of vehicle purchase and meets Renault’s quality standards.
Interior rack
Available on Renault TRAFIC Panel Van L1-H1, the interior rack optimises your cargo area, makes it easier to carry longer items and secures the goods on-board. Ideal for professional use, the interior rack complements the other fittings in the cargo area.
Security window grilles
The security window grilles option protects your cargo area when you are parked and your rear windows when driving. They do not affect the interior layout of your vehicle.
Separation panel grille
Fitted between the driver’s seat and the cargo area where there is a glazed panel, this grille ensures safety in the cabin.
Wooden trim
Available on Renault KANGOO, Renault TRAFIC and Renault MASTER, the wooden trim protects the your vehicle’s cargo area without reducing its loading capacity. The wooden trim withstands heat, damp and shocks and helps conserve your vehicle in its original condition. Ideal for transporting goods or for tradesmen in the construction industry.
Triple Fold - Three-function bench seat
Because no two working days are alike, we have come up with the Triple Fold conversion. Available on Renault TRAFIC, this option includes the fitting of a three-function modular, folding, removable bench seat in the rear of the vehicle. You can carry 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people and retain optimal loading volume. Ideal for taxis, tradesmen and smallholders. 
Pneumatic suspension
With the pneumatic suspension available on Renault MASTER, the back end of the vehicle can be lowered to make loading easier. This conversion is independent and versatile, and can be used to maintain constant vehicle height regardless of your load or the distribution of the cargo. Designed to make your life easier, the pneumatic suspension offer is ideal for tradesmen, delivery services, breakdown services, people with reduced mobility and transport firms.